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Agile Pro center website

Today is February 1st, so that means we are live! I proudly present this brand-new website for Agile Pro Center! A lot of hard work has been done before we got to this result, so I’m very happy that I can finally ‘show it off’.

What drove me to found Agile Pro Center? Well, over the last couple of years I came across numerous training courses and education programs that seemed to be very prestigious but only focused on one thing: processing as much theory as possible. After one or maybe two days of attending (online) lectures you would get a certificate with which you become a self-proclaimed scrum master. And that would be that.

Owning a lot of certificates is nice and all, but it isn’t of much help when you get to the actual practice. You wouldn’t be able to drive a car when only passing your theory-exam, right? Same goes for the scrum framework; it takes a lot of practice before you get the hang of it, and know what you are doing.

Because of this very reason, I saw a chance to do it my way. The Agile Pro Center way, that is! I’m very thrilled to get started. In my job as an agile coach, I was already able to train and coach multiple teams, product owners, scrum masters as well as management and stakeholders. An extremely versatile and rewarding job. By setting up my own training program, I can even help more people. Something that makes me truly happy.

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